Project introduction

In a short film we present our project for a remote-controlled model airship (approx. 5 minutes). The lecture took place at the ILR (Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, TU Berlin) in November 2008.

Martin Wähmer, Martin Zobel and Milan Habovcik are the speakers. Martin Wähmer explains among other things physical connections of the insulation and the advantages of a blimp. Milan Habovcik goes into detail about the size and function of the burners.


A new movie of the production and setup of the shape in 2011 during the LNDW 2011 in Berlin

have fun!


Who we are

We are a workshop (Projektwerkstatt) of TU Berlin. Students of different fields engage here. We operate, build, plan and experiment to transfer ideas into the practice.

Curiously?! The members meet in the room 119 ILR/TU Berlin regularly on Thursdays at 4 pm (site plan). New beginners are cordially welcome.


  • Design (till 13.1.09)
  • maidenflight (winter 09)
  • Montgolfiade Tegernsee (1.10.09)
  • completion 2010, ILA Berlin
    (International Aerospace Exhibition 2010)

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Other Activities

Airship Regatta

Numerous activities have been in the past under administration of the Aerarium Luftschifftechnik e.V.: A very important part of the airship races. Firstly, we carry out the tradition of our predecessor workshops to get new talents. On the other hand, our pilots practice the technology. This happens, however, helium airships, which homemade and are flown by remote control. From a meter to 3 meters in length, there is everything here.

Tip: You can see us at "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin/Germany 2009" in english "Long Night Of Science". You can get more information on the website